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Milk & Honey

Ellenor Irish
Twenty Two
Personal Yoga Instructor. Motivational Speaker regarding self harm & learning to love yourself at an early age. .


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Flowers of leaves.  

This woman


What a guy.

One of the best.


Rene Magritte Paintings

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"If you’re under 30 and in a relationship right now, and you’re not head over heels, get out. You are way too young to be wasting your time with someone who doesn’t make you really happy to be with them every day. There’s nothing sadder than watching 23-year-olds settle."

"All I want to do is go on road trips and have sex."

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nothing matters except strong eyebrows & winged eyeliner 

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My band's very first live album. 45 minutes of spacey/punky/screamy goodness. Check it out if that sort of thing interests you.

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Are you a piece of art because I’d like to nail you up against a wall

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Anonymous said:Hope you're having a good day

Thank you! I hope you are too wonderful anon

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